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    The methane in this coal mine waste gas is called ventilation air methane and is heavily diluted. com. In recent decades it has become an important source of energy in United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. 1 Analysis of economic effects of the coal seam gas industry . D. “The community are informed and dead set against fracking, and the industry has either packed up and left NSW, or their projects are at standstill,” he said. CSG is a mixture of a number of gases, but is mostly made up of methane (generally 95-97 per cent pure methane). Coal seam gas extraction usually involves tens of thousands of gas wells, with roads, pipelines, compressor stations, wastewater dams, and other infrastructure. This licence area of 400 km2 is next to PEDL 133, in which INEOS already owns a 51% stake of the shale layer. Coal Seam Gas and the Environment: Why is So Much Hot Air Bubbling to the Surface? The tapping of coal seams to extract gas - or coal seam gas (CSG) - has emerged as a major potential new energy resource over the past decade, led primarily by Queensland with other states racing to try and catch up to the argued benefits. Coal Seam Gas is relatively inexpensive, and during its production, creates water as a by-product. 29 October 2014 . These CSG development benefits, coupled with a sustain-. It has seen extensive use since the early . Australia’s coal seam gas industry is growing rapidly, creating valuable jobs, domestic power generation, export income and tax revenue. Looking forward, coal seam gas could bring significant sustainability benefits:. The coal gas is drained of the coal either by its natural gas pressure or with the aid of vacuum pumps. Activist group Lock The Gate has lodged a formal complaint against the advertising campaign "We want CSG" for making false environmental claims about coal seam gas mining. The mere mention of coal seam gas in many parts of the country causes the eruption of polarising debate. In fact, coal seam gas is also known as coal bed Methane, as it is extracted from coal seams that are typically 300 IF YOU use gas at home, there's a good chance you will use coal seam gas (CSG) to boil your next cup of tea. Natural gas adsorbs to the surfaces of matrix pores within the . 1 μm accounts for more than 90% of all pore throats (Figure 2). which attempts to bust gas industry’s myths about coal seam gas (CSG), while at the same time highlighting the potential health and environmental risks A new report from Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO, finds greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal seam gas (CSG) production wells to be very low, especially when compared to the volume of gas produced from the wells. It could well be that out of all the scary things in Australia that I’ve ever written about, this might just be the scariest. The Coal Seam Gas (CSG) process is a natural gas extraction process from coal seams buried in the ground. Abstract Unconventional coal seam gas extraction is expanding rapidly in the renowned agricultural region of the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia. Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) Industry Global Market 2019-2024 Research Report considers the past, current and future state of the industry while encapsulating modest landscape analysis, manufacturers, marketing strategies, industry effect factor analysis. Find your ideal job at SEEK with 12 coal seam gas jobs found in All Australia. Access to affordable gas – through the development of State reserves – is essential if NSW is to achieve . Coal seam gas water treatment for beneficial reuse Christian Elters University of Wollongong Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed in this thesis are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Wollongong. Must work safely in the mines. Pumping water out of the coal seam releases this pressure and allows gas to escape from the coal into a well. Producers also refer to it as natural gas (Santos, 2011, 15) and coal bed natural gas (CBNG). Coal seam gas wells release the gas by reducing the pressure through groundwater extraction. However, the new technology for exploiting these reserves, termed hydraulic fracturing, raises several environmental issues. These resources belong to all Queenslanders and their development is vital to deliver the services Multi-Seam Well Completion Technology: Implications for Powder River Basin Coalbed Methane Production U. on coal seam gas if people wanted it. Wellington Shire Council does not authorise, endorse or validate information by including it on this page. As coal seam gas mining spreads across rural Queensland, landholders are feeling the stress. International Journal of Coal Geology 47(2): 101 – 113. The Daning coal mine’s main mining seam is the No. A large amount of gas is stored in the micropore, which leads to the increase in the gas content in the coal seam. Federal Government Coal is extracted from the ground in different ways depending on its uses. In Australia the debate centres on coal-seam gas, a major new source of gas for export, especially from Queensland. Scientists studying the consequences of methane emissions from underwater permafrost in the Arctic Ocean announced this week that they found a 50-square-foot area of the East Siberian Sea "boiling with methane bubbles. Historically, coal seam gas was the cause of most mining explosions and was therefore ventilated out of a coal mine. Methane is odourless and colourless. Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO, has released a report on greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal seam gas (CSG) production wells. 1 Aug 2014 A new report from Australia's national science agency, the CSIRO, finds greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal seam gas (CSG)  Coal seam gas (CSG) is natural gas mainly composed of methane, the odourless and colourless gas used in CSG's benefits go beyond its use as a fuel. PROJECT POTABLE WATER FOR COAL SEAM GAS PROJECT CONSTRUCTION CAMP PRODUCT Ultrafiltration (UF) INDUSTRY Oil and Gas LOCATION Combabula, Queensland BACKGROUND The Combabula Gas Processing Facility (GPF) and Village is located three hours north-west of Roma, QLD and is part of the this approach, a vertical borehole is drilled to the target coal seam(s) and gas production is stimulated by hydraulically fracturing (or fracing) the seam. a region that also has conventional oil and gas, and coal, and agricultural activities, just like QLD. Natural gas in coal seams in Australia is not a new discovery. For example, using coal seam gas to create electricity produces 70 per cent less emissions than a coal-fired power plant. Please click on the link below to show your support: One week after Australia’s energy ministers met to consider proposals to open up the national gas market, Victoria’s Labor government has announced a permanent legislative ban on coal-seam gas Hydraulic fracturing is highly controversial in many countries. Access to afordable gas — through the development of State reserves — is essential if NSW is to achieve economic growth targets, address greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure The coal seams are generally filled with water and it is the pressure of the water that keeps the gas as a thin film on the surface of the coal. 3 coal seam with coal and gas outburst hazard, which often contains two normal coal sub-layers and 1 Coal and coal seam gas resource assessment for the Namoi subregion Product 1. expert advice for Government on the coal seam gas industry in NSW and appropriate regulatory standards. Alan Jones: Coal Seam Gas Address Even if you hate Alan Jones, just watch this video and be shocked at the scale of the coal seam gas invasion in Australia. Since then, coal seam gas has become a mainstay of the Australian energy market. A fact sheet by a company called Oresome Resource outlines some of these: Advantages - Methane gas is a useful energy source… What is coal seam gas (CSG)? Coal seam gas, or coal bed methane (CBM, is a form of natural gas, typically extracted from coal seams at depths of 300-1000 metres. ESTIMATING COSTS AND BENEFITS The net public benefit or cost of a project or policy can be calculated through the net benefit of mining or coal seam gas (CSG) compared with the other land uses, less any associated public expenditure (not paid for by the mining company) and any negative social, health or environmental impacts. Coal seam gas is simply natural gas sourced from coal deposits. Technological developments have reduced the cost of exporting natural gas as LNG, encouraging investment in export facilities and new gas fields in Queensland. In this study, a summative payment and benefits model is proposed and built using Specifically, the potential long term impacts of CSG extraction; landholder  19 Mar 2004 What is the nature and extent of BHP Billiton's coal seam gas activities? First company to sell coal seam gas on a firm basis. • Initially market . These cumulative impacts are the successive, incremental and combined effects (both positive and negative) on communities and their environment from • Oil and gas wells are regulated by states • MSHA only has jurisdiction over mines – Only when a coal mine is near an oil or gas well is MSHA able to take enforcement actions – Most oil and gas drillers and coal mines have been cooperative in dealing with this potential issue With so much debate around coal seam gas in Australia, we take a look at what it is, the current number of wells in the country, the available drilling techniques and potential environmental impacts. increase the flow of csg gas and therefore provide enhanced commercial benefits. Australia has about 6000 coal seam gas wells in active production and . Thus, the coal seams are merely a new source for an old and valued fuel. au/benefits/. This prezi has been completed in response to the issue of Coal Seam Gas development in Queensland. Identifying mechanisms to understand, measure and respond to cumulative socio-economic impacts of resource development are a priority area for The University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas. assessment, including process reform, on the basis of anticipated costs and benefits to government and industry. A third generation farmer from the Darling Downs looks across the land his grandfather cleared of brigalow scrub in 1908 to see his precious intensive grazing acres cut by roads, pipelines, open trenches and coal seam gas (GSG) Our study follows this quasi‐experimental literature and complements it by providing an analysis of impacts associated with a current boom of a newly exploited unconventional natural gas in Australia: coal seam gas (CSG), also known as coal bed‐methane. As such, it is considered a mining hazard, a green house gas, and a possible energy source. This growth will support the more than $70 billion worth of investment in 3 liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects that will produce approximately 26 million tonnes per year of LNG from 2015 onwards. It is considered as the source of fuel. e. Currently there is poor understanding of the key capabilities needed for SMEs to survive and benefit from a significant external change such as CSG development and its shift from the construction to the operation phase. 2011 NSW Parliament Inquiry into Coal Seam Gas. Environmental Benefits Natural gas, including coal seam gas, is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly source of energy than other fossil fuels, and unlike current renewable energy, can be used for base load power generation. The gas is held within the coal by the water pressure that has built up in the seam. II. Gas from the coal can be produced only after initial dewater- the length of the well and contact of wellbore to coal seam in-crease, the time for Coal-seam natural gas mining is a controversial topic in Australia at present as there are environmental fears over the impact it may have Coal seam gas developments - predicting impacts Coal seam gas (CSG) is a form of natural gas that is extracted from underground coal seams. The benefits of CSG development come in the first Unsurprisingly, coal seam gas extraction has generated intense media coverage in recent years. During 2011-2012, Australian CSG production was around 247 PJ, which represented about 12 % of total gas production in Long service intervals, maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption ensure maximum efficiency in Jenbacher type 3 engines. Highly saline water is an unavoidable by-product of coal seam gas extraction. However, we can't disregard the benefits of coal seam gas, especially on the economy  driven rapid development and expansion of its coal seam gas (CSG) industry, particularly in . It is the same natural gas (Methane) that is piped through the gas mains that go to many Australian homes and businesses. Mr Buckingham said Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project “appears dead”. In some areas, such as low permeability coals, fraccing is necessary to enable a more effective release and flow of gas from the coal seam. com where we provide the opportunity for Citizen Journalists to publish their stories from around the globe. She also mentioned being Coal mine methane (CMM) is gas released from coal or surrounding rock strata during and after coal mining. The premier, Daniel Santos managing director and chief executive officer Kevin Gallagher claims the proposed Narrabri coal seam gas (CSG) project could fill an important niche for the domestic gas market on the east 0. Until now. The study was undertaken due to the fact that coal seam gas (CSG) is a rapidly expanding industry in Australia but very little measurement based information was previously available regarding fugitive emissions from the CSG production process. Q : How will the north-west region benefit from the Narrabri Gas Project? We want the regional communities who host our activities to benefit from working with us. The acreage has dual prospectivity within both the world-class Walloon coal seam gas fairway and the oil and gas prone eastern flank of the Taroom Trough, proximal to the Moonie Field. . Thomas Davey, Tourism Advancing Gloucester. This type of gas, which is usually found in deep sandstone reservoirs is known as 'conventional gas'. Natural gas – or methane – is found in several different types of rocks, including coal seams, sandstones and shales. A report commissioned by the coal seam gas industry into its own greenhouse gas emissions, and held as commercial-in-confidence for months, shows that Australian gas exported to China is likely to be little better for the environment than coal. CSG producers aim to satisfy and expand demand and equally important, to replace the diminishing supply of conventional gas. the pressure down the well) allowing the gas to flow to the surface. CSG collects in underground coal seams formed over tens of millions of years from compressed organic material. While Western Australia may have coal seam gas, no known commercially prospective coal seam gas resources have been found to date. 1–1% methane, whereas gas drained from the seam before mining can contain 60% to more than 95% methane depending on the presence of other gasses in the coal seam. It is ideally suited for modelling coal seam methane production and is capable of single well or full field simulations, which involve multiple wells with multiple completions. This study presents a low-temperature, safe, and efficient liquid carbon dioxide phase transition explosive technology (LCDPTET) to increase the permeability of coal, thereby improving the efficiency of gas drainage and eliminating the dangers of coal and gas outburst. Coal Seam Gas (CSG), which as its name implies is extracted from seams of coal underground, is The report – Whole of Life Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment of a Coal Seam Gas to Liquefied Natural Gas Project in the Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia [pdf · 660kb] – assesses greenhouse gas emissions of a CSG-LNG project in Queensland, and the relative climate benefits of using Queensland natural gas in place of thermal coal as fuel for generation of electricity in Australia. IEEFA gas analyst Bruce Robertson spoke at an event attended by locals at the Bundaberg Civic Centre in Queensland yesterday about the increasing cost of gas for consumers and how further development of Queensland’s fracking and gas industries will not reduce prices while bringing marginal long term benefits for locals. QGC was in search of a partner to operate and maintain three water treatment plants that support coal seam gas production. Coal seam gas (CSG) is a non-renewable natural resource found beneath the surface of rural properties which What are the advantages of CSG operations. Coal seam gas is generally defined as a hydro-carbon and therefore comes within the statutory definition of “petroleum”. It is an unsafe and invasive industry that expands rapidly across vast areas. It can often be collected and combusted by flares and electricity production devices. Coal seam gas production involves drilling wells into the underground coal seams. The coal-seam-gas industry could be vastly underestimating its emissions, jeopardising Australia’s commitments made at Paris and swamping any benefits gas has over coal, according to a landmark The gas is channeled to processing facilities for distribution while water is piped to water treatment facilities. In an energy-hungry world, natural gas The coal-seam-gas industry could be vastly underestimating its emissions, jeopardising Australia’s commitments made at Paris and swamping any benefits gas has over coal, according to a landmark report by the Melbourne Energy Institute, commissioned by the Australia Institute. It involves releasing gas (usually methane) from coal seams deep underground, often by injecting highly pressurised water and other chemicals into the coal seams to break them up. CSG is produced by drilling a well into a coal seam and releasing the gas by pumping out water which, in turn, reduces the pressure in the coal seam (i. Most wells have been vertical and located 400-900 metres apart. Australia have sufficient amount of Coal Seam Gas. It While some perceive the project as controversial, the benefits of coal seam gas, which includes fracking, can be wide ranging. In the middle of a resource boom? At the end of a boom? Expecting big changes in water availability or infrastructure? Recovering from a 'wave'? This toolkit helps to plan the next steps to realise long-term benefits … social and transport related impacts for new State Significant Development mining and coal seam gas proposals in NSW. OCEANS AND ATMOSPHERE Human Health Effects of Coal Seam Gas Activities – A Study Design Framework Task 4 Report for Health Project (H. November 2011 Natural hole influence radius within 200days in an anisotropy coal seam at Jiulishan coal mine in China, but also modeled the influence radius evolvement around borehole in an anisotropy coal seam using finite-element based COMSOL package. CSG, however, is found in coal seams, where underground water pressure keeps it contained. Report – Contestability and Fee Simplification for the Coal Seam Gas Industry. 1990s for both coal seam methane and gas management in coal mines. Field Measurements of Fugitive Emissions from Equipment and Well Casings in Australian Coal Seam Gas Production Facilities | 1 1 Introduction Coal seam gas (CSG) production is a major and rapidly expanding industry in Australia. 1. LNP Policy for a Sustainable Coal Seam Gas Industry 1 INTRODUCTION Queensland is a State rich in energy and resources. Liquefied natural gas is expected to overtake iron ore as the main driver of energy exports from Australia with annual shipments surging to more than A$50 billion by the year 2020 – according to Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. Since the start of the 21st century, the industry has increased dramatically and, given the significant reserves predicted to exist in the Eastern states, this expansion is likely to continue as demands in the domestic and export market Coal mine gas (firedamp) is a problematic phenomenon associated with coal mining, as the gas can form explosive mixtures together with air. Australia had reserves of over 258,888 petajoules or 6. High circulation rates with air, gas, or mist generally are used to clean the hole effectively. The motion reads as follows:That Federal Council adopts the policy resolution urging governments to ensure that: The AMA Federal Council today passed a policy resolution calling on all Australian governments to ensure that all coal seam gas (CSG) mining proposals in Australia are subject to rigorous and independent health risk assessments before they are allowed to proceed. Potential areas may include those identified in section 4. NSW Guidelines for the economic assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals finalised. But over the years, miners and coal experts, such as Kestrel Coal, use two basic extraction methods – Surface Mining and Underground Mining. Bruce Mullan reports. The technical term for this is 'adsorption'. c) That relevant government departments are provided with necessary support and Coal seam gas (CSG) is one of the natural gas. 5 million hectares of land in NSW - equivalent to approximately 60% of the entire state. 15 Oct 2012 4. As we are all grappling with what the prospect of Coal Seam Gas exploration and mining will mean to our farmers and farm land in South Gippsland, Brianna Casey, Senior Policy Manager for the NSW Farmers Association, explains how coal seam gas exploration impacts on farm land across NSW, including the food bowl of the Liverpool Plains. 5 outlines the direct benefits and costs of a mining or coal seam gas project. The report details methods for calculating future benefits and impacts under different  Experience from CSG mining in Qld shows that the economic benefits from CSG Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW (Chief Scientist's  The development of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) assets in NSW is posited . Hydraulic fracing is a process in which high-pressure water or a water/nitrogen foam, is mixed with size-graded sand and pumped into the coal seam. View all our coal seam gas vacancies now with new jobs added daily! and indefinable impacts of any Coal Seam Gas exploration. Request PDF on ResearchGate | A method of rapid determination of gas pressure in a coal seam based on the advantages of gas spherical flow field | The gas pressure of a coal seam is one of the In general, a community takes a realistic position as to petroleum (gas) production and recognises the benefits that coal seam gas can bring to a local and State economy. "Energi Simulation decided to initiate a Research Chair at The University of Queensland because of their highly functional organisation and the gas/LNG (liquefied natural gas) development infrastructure in the region. In conventional gas fields, the gas exists in permeable sandstone reservoirs. from the entire LNG and coal cycles should be included in any assessment of greenhouse gas emission benefits. How is natural gas formed? Natural gas and oil are important fossil fuels formed from the decomposition and pressurisation of algae, plankton and other organisms. What benefits do you see coal seam gas activities will provide to the Central West Queensland community? 40% of respondents did not see any benefits to coal seam gas activities in Central West Queensland. Researchers Tony Shields and Rod Campbell at The Australia Institute expose Santos’ wilful and exaggerated economic assessments (known in the trade as “strategic misrepresentation’) to win government approval for its controversial Narrabri coal seam gas project. Pressure from groundwater holds the gas in the coal, and when the water is released, gas flows from the seams. 1 Assessing Seal Capacity of Exploited Oil and Gas Reservoirs, Aquifers, and Coal Beds for Potential Use in CO2 Sequestration Investigators M. Coal seam gas is trapped in coal formations, typically 400-1000 metres underground, although it can be found at depths up to 1200 metres. Will be required to become familiar with the drilling rig and be able to do minor Technology to improve gas extraction in Queensland’s evolving coal seam gas network is being developed at The University of Queensland. Unlike other productive gas reservoirs, coal seams have low porosity. COAL seam gas mining threatens our farmlands and water  Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coal Seam Gas. China has the Methane is the same thing as coal seam gas. ABC’s Four Corners program Gas Leak! highlighted concerns surrounding the approval and monitoring processes of state governments for coal seam gas developments in Queensland and New South Wales. Except for properties that are certified organic (all activity is deemed ‘advanced’) a resource company will initially approach a landholder and issue them with an Entry Notice. Fugitive emissions from coal mining are due to seam gas released during An invention that predicts gas production from coal seam gas reservoirs with greater accuracy to improve gas yield calculations. Growth in coal seam gas (CSG) in Queensland has been rapid over the past 15 years, peaking at 1,634 wells drilled in 2013-14. Coal seam gas is bad for the environment and we should all protest against its use. QGC is a leading coal seam gas explorer and producer focused on establishing the world’s first project to convert coal seam gas into liquefied natural gas. This methane in SIberia has been locked up for thousands of years. The gas is held in the fractures or Zcleats of underground coal seams by water and ground pressure. The rapid development of the coal seam gas industry in the Bowen and Surat Basins has tested the current regulatory frameworks and lead to widespread community concern about the effects of gas extraction. The communities have also taken a realistic stance as to the impacts that coal seam gas can have on the environment, and the social fabric. View the answer now. It plays a significant role in lower the carbon emission which is highly beneficial to save the environment from the harmful effect This toolkit enables collaboration - local government, community, business, industry. At a In fact, a large body of work over the last 5 years highlights that natural gas' methane emissions can limit the climate benefits replacing coal with natural gas. ABSTRACT Fugitive greenhouse gas emissions from unconventional gas extraction processes (e. Its time for the government to get on board. Conventional oil and gas Environmental regulations for conventional oil and gas non-mining activities. The pore throat aperture which is smaller than 0. See more ideas about Shale gas, Oil and gas and Pregnant diet. coal-seam gas companies gain a social licence to operate, mediation should companies to unite around the benefits of the coal-seam gas industry. That the Chief Executive Officer arrange for a further report on the outcomes of the Response: Partial – The Government is developing a voluntary Community Benefits Fund, and promises statutory compensation and benefits sharing for landholders, but it is unclear if these benefits will come solely from 7 EDO NSW. The low permeability of coal seams makes gas drainage difficult in lots of coal mines. In the past decade, in excess of 22,000 kilometres of polyethylene pipe has been safely installed in Queensland gas fields alone. Surface Mining – Also called open cast coal mining, this method is used if the coal seams are just on the surface. Coal-seam gas is methane, and is found in underground coal seams which are usually 200 to 1,000 metres below the surface. One way around this is to connect Australia’s gas pipeline network with international markets to get the benefits of international spot prices. The challenge of sorting fact from fiction on coal seam gas There are clear benefits and there are clear Coal seam gas (CSG) and the gas that comes from shales are chemically very similar. Did community opposition have a role in AGL’s decision to quit exploration of natural gas? By Dr Sara Bice, Melbourne School of Government, University of Melbourne Coal seam gas upstream collection systems rely entirely on the unique properties of polyethylene pipe. Coal 04 Feb 2016. A large proportion of coal mine waste gas is extracted from the mine in ventilation air shafts. To extract the gas via wells drilled into a coal seam, the hydraulic pressures exerted by water in the seam and/or overlying aquifers must be reduced. It is intended that the Technical Notes will be subject to ongoing review to ensure they are consistent with new research, changes in best practice and contemporary Government policy development. Its proponents advocate the economic benefits of more extensively accessible hydrocarbons, as well as replacing coal with natural gas, which burns cleaner and emits half as much carbon dioxide (CO 2). public policy to broaden benefits and provide foundation for future community  29 Apr 2014 Queensland flames NSW over Coal Seam Gas output and public affairs campaign to sell the benefits of the coal industry and its related fuels. 2 CCIQ is primarily interested in the economic implications of CSG activities. On the other hand, the CSG indirectly protects the global environment by using the clean energy. Welcome to Coal-Seam-Gas. “The Narrabri coal seam gas field would become the largest coal seam gas in the state and risk vast areas of woodland, threatened species and groundwater from the Great Artesian Basin. 1 Coal and coal seam gas resource assessment for the Central West subregion Product 1. The coal industry claims however that extensive rehabilitation of areas mined helps to ensure that land capability, after coal mining, meets agreed and appropriate standards. BENEFITS COA SA AS FAC SHEE Coal Seam Gas (CSG) is an energy source which is crucial to NSW’s prosperity and low carbon future. A scientific collaboration between the Department of the Environment, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia Coal seam gas debate is more than hot air. MidCoast Water Li, H (2001) Major and minor structural features of a bedding shear zone along a coal seam and related gas outburst, Pingdingshan coalfield, northern China. Although the CSG has so many In a first for Australia, the state of Victoria has banned all fracking and coal seam gas exploration. Coal seam gas (CSG) is seen in many countries as an extremely promising source of energy, according to the findings of Ernst & Young's study "Coal seam gas: broadening the energy mix". CSG is  Dart Energy believes that important coal seam gas resources in NSW can be development of the CSG industry will realise significant economic benefits. As well as touting the economic benefits of coal seam gas, the ads claim CSG is cleaner than other energy sources and that fracking, in which rocks areMore Initial screening studies conducted as part of the Queensland Government’s Carbon Geostorage Initiative (CGI) with COAL21 support identified the Surat Basin in Queensland as the best prospect for geological storage within a reasonable distance of existing coal-fired power stations, including three of Australia’s four supercritical power stations. We discuss the research required to assess the ecological risks from gas recovery. Dealing with a resource company can be difficult for land owners if they have become unknowingly bound to unfair compensation agreements. It is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic mixture of a number of gases but mostly made up of methane (generally 95-97 per cent pure methane). Exploration activities for this project have already seen toxic wastewater leak from holding ponds and contaminate local aquifers. 1) January 2018 Melita Keywood,a Sharon Grant,b Andrea Waltona, Lesa In southern Queensland, a project that turns coal seam gas wastewater into a resource is providing flow-on benefits for the local community and environment. Zoback, Professor of Geophysics; Amie Lucier, Lourdes Colmenares, Graduate Research Assistants Background In order for geologic CO2 sequestration to be an effective tool in the stabilization of We are a leading provider of engineering, fabrication, electrical, instrumentation, industrial control and field services to the coal seam gas, coal mining and industrial sectors. Guidelines for the economic assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals | December 2015| Page 1 1 Introduction The purpose of these Guidelines is to assist proponents with providing the necessary information to meet some of the requirements of section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act). S. It was first identified when coal mining began in the early 1900s. “The Greens, farmers and the community have won the campaign against coal seam gas,” Mr Buckingham declared. This video discusses the environmental, health and social impacts of CSG activities in Australia. Transcript highlights are below, along with some pictures of effected farmers. The under - ground in-situ measurement revealed an anisotropy feature of borehole influence Coal seam gas (CSG) extraction is relatively new in Australia, but has been practiced in the United States for some time. Coal seam gas (CSG), also known as coal bed methane, is a form of natural gas typically extracted from coal seams at depths of 300-1,000 metres. We offer the complete life cycle of equipment from design, engineering, manufacture, installation and optimisation through to operation and maintenance. 22 May 2015- Explore waterquality's board "Coal Seam Gas" on Pinterest. Gas outburst disasters are becoming more serious as the underground coal mines become deeper in China, and a thick zone of deformed coal provides conditions favorable to coal and gas outbursts. The report reckons a complete view of the world Coalbed methane (CBM or coal-bed methane), coalbed gas, coal seam gas (CSG), or coal-mine methane (CMM) is a form of natural gas extracted from coal beds. So, as well as benefits such as local jobs . The motion reads as follows:That Federal Council adopts the policy resolution urging governments to ensure that: Coal seam gas exploration may attract less opposition in Victoria compared with elsewhere in the country because the state lacks the resource wealth of Western Australia and Queensland, and few GAS SUBMISSION 354. 2 for the Central West subregion from the Northern Inland Catchments Bioregional Assessment . Victoria is to introduce a permanent ban on all onshore unconventional gas exploration, including fracking and coal seam gas, becoming the first Australian state to do so. 17 Jul 2018 Coal seam gas (CSG) water is a by-product of CSG production. Project . As Coal Seam Gas (CSG) operations intensify in rural areas of Queensland and New South Wales, the federal government must back the paper’s commitment to protect the sustainability Australia’s farmland and water assets. As part of the recent reforms to NSW mining policy, the NSW Government has now released the much anticipated draft Guidelines for the economic assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals to clarify what proponents need to address in their economic assessments to be submitted as part of an A Drilling Technician for coal seam degasification is expected to do the following. CS GAS is a Brisbane-based business that has been providing custom products and services to the coal seam gas, gas and coal mining sectors for over 10 years In a country worried about their GHGE (Green house gas emitions), Coal seam gas mining can have some benifits, however many argue thedisadvantages are far greater and therefore simply not worth the risk. A review of NSW Coal Seam Gas Regulation and Best Practice. The resulting synthetic gas (“syngas”) can be used to produce electricity, as well as chemicals, liquid fuels, hydrogen and synthetic of a strategic plan for future work related to the coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Queensland. But the CEO failed to convince the 250-strong crowd of the so-called green benefits of coal seam gas. Links between coal mining, coal burning, and climate change L Boulle, T Hunter, M Weir and K Curnow, 'Negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements for Coal Seam Gas Operations: Developing the Queensland Regulatory Framework' (2014) 17(1) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 75-100; University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law Research Paper. INEOS Upstream Limited has today signed an agreement with Reach Coal Seam Gas Limited (Reach CSG) to acquire an 80% interest in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 162, in the Midland Valley of Scotland. The facts on coal seam gas What is coal seam gas? Find out about coal seam gas (CSG), what it is comprised of, how it is important to the Australian energy market and where the major resources are in Australia. Economic/employment benefits (28%) and short term economics were the key benefits identified by Pros and cons of CSG debate These are the two sides of the coal seam gas debate, an argument that will be decided once and for all - at least between Lismore LGA residents - with the September ENErGy securit y ANd Benefits Coal seam gas (CSG) is an energy source which is crucial to NSW’s prosperity and low carbon future. It was first founded in 1990. However, there is now a growing global awareness that coal seam gas is a viable energy resource, enabled by emerging extraction and utilisation technologies. Also, most coal companies place highest emphasis on coal production, limiting investment in coalbed methane re- covery. gas coal seam natural gas coal well Prior art date 1987-04-28 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. 2. Coal seam gas accounts for 27% of Australian gas reserves; is set to supply at least 30% of Australia's domestic market by 2030, and 50% of gas demand in eastern Australia. Aside from chemical toxicity there is also the impacts on seismic activity, even, as the Draft Framework notes, the “[p]otential for seismic events of sufficient magnitude to cause damage at the surface” (The Draft National Harmonised Regulatory Framework for Coal Seam Gas 2012, p72). This gas can then be used in gas conversion facilities such as clean fuels manufacturing, power generation, or fertilizer production. Control techniques for use in coal mines can be divided into three categories: 1. Santos is pushing ahead with the development of its controversial 3 billion Narrabri coal seam gas project in NSW, cementing a deal with chemical producer Perdaman Group ahead of a decision by the This Annotated Bibliography comprises a comprehensive identification and analysis of publications globally related to all aspects of the regulation, policy and development of coal seam gas. CSG is cleaner than natural gas from conventional sources. The distinguishing features of Coal Seam Gas CSG is a dilute source of energy, in the sense that vast areas of land What are some environmental benefits of coal power (eg:coal seam gas) over solar power? was asked on May 31 2017. Both coal and natural gas are subject to fugitive emissions of methane (CH 4) and sometimes CO 2 during their production and distribution. It is water that has been extracted from coal seams in order to release coal  26 Oct 2016 The coal-seam-gas industry could be vastly underestimating its are called “ fugitive emissions”, could swamp the benefits of gas over coal. A third of eastern Australia's natural gas already comes from coal seams. examines the impact of extracting these large quantities of water associated with coal seam methane production on the water head in the Latrobe aquifer. This page contains reports and links to various sources of information on issues around the exploration and production of onshore gas and other unconventional gas. 13 Apr 2013 Coal Seam Gas and the Environment: Why is So Much Hot Air Bubbling to with other states racing to try and catch up to the argued benefits. This means that the government has ownership of coal seam gas in all land and is entitled to license the right to explore and extract that gas to third parties, without the consent of the landholder. That Council seek advice and research from our membership of the Association of Mining and Energy Related Councils in relation to the benefits/disadvantages of Coal Seam Gas exploration. 3. Natural gas collects in coal seams by bonding to the surface of coal particles. ) Expired - Lifetime Application number US07/043,511 Inventor Rajen Puri Dan Yee John P. around coal seam gas and mining activities in the Central West local government areas of Queensland. UQ researchers Dr Ingo Jahn and Dr Michael Heitzmann are developing and field-testing two devices for more efficient and cost-effective gas extraction. Guidelines for the economic assessment of the impacts of NSW mining and CSG proposals are now finalised. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy and National Energy Technology Laboratory Strategic Center for Natural Gas September 2003 DOE/NETL-2003/1193 Coal seam gas typically requires dewatering of coal seam beds to relieve pressure on natural gas held tightly to the coal seams. FACTORES IMPACTING THE VIABILITY OF CSG PRODUCTION In the following section we examine the literature for a review to the factors affecting the economic viability of coal seam gas production. Increasingly, natural gas is produced from unconventional sources, such as coal seam gas (CSG). A prosperous, well managed resources sector is critical to the economic wellbeing and future of our great State. “The fact is it’s not proven that coal seam gas can co-exist with agriculture, because we don’t know enough about long-term CSG impacts on connections between underground aquifers. Credit: Saah Moles, Wilderness Society In 2006, when prospectors first dragged rigs onto his property, a "beautiful space" some 50 kilometres This study quantified the economic and environmental impacts of coal seam gas-based power generation in China through a cost-combined life cycle assessment to systematically quantify the emission, impact, and mitigation measures caused by coal seam gas release in China. Lock the Gate Alliance Inc. Upper Hunter Shire Council. Residents are reporting strange body rashes, with some suffering from ongoing headaches. On one hand, it improves energy structure and increases energy resources. December 2014. g. Coal Seam Gas in Australia. More than 80 The mood has changed and the people of NSW have spoken: Coal seam gas exploration would provide jobs to people who most need them and power to the state. Gas drained from fractured formations above mined seams (gobs), on the other hand, may contain 30–95% methane depending on the locations of the boreholes and other The exploration and development of coal seam gas (CSG) have important strategic significance. 35 KB) Coal seam gas is a natural gas held in coal seams under pressure by groundwater. Project The Coal Seam Gas Extraction industry has displayed significant volatility over the past five years. In the USA’s Coal seam gas exploration may attract less opposition in Victoria compared with elsewhere in Australia because the state lacks the resource wealth of Western Australia and Queensland, and few new The AMA Federal Council today passed a policy resolution calling on all Australian governments to ensure that all coal seam gas (CSG) mining proposals in Australia are subject to rigorous and independent health risk assessments before they are allowed to proceed. Coal seam gas (CSG) is natural gas mainly composed of methane, the odourless and colourless gas used in homes and businesses. The coal seam gas (csg) industry is booming in Australia. “The rush to cover our prime agricultural land with gas wells puts the future of our food security at risk. One well is used to inject air or oxygen (and sometimes steam) into the coal seam to initiate the gasification reactions. The Draft National Harmonised Regulatory Framework: Coal Seam Gas (the Draft Framework) includes the principle of: “Shared Commitments to multiple and sequential land use” (The Draft National Harmonised Regulatory Framework for Coal Seam Gas 2012, p8 However: “(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with AGL’s Gloucester ‘Produced Water’ Irrigation Trial “A Sham and a Farce!” AGL's proposed gas storage facility at Tomago, near Newcastle. The government said the permanent ban on fracking and "the exploration and development of all Coal seam gas is natural gas (predominantly methane) extracted from coal seams. This creates a pressure drop across the formation face, causing the coal to shear or break off along near-wellbore cleat or fracture planes. economic growth targets, address greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure a reliable and sustainable The global Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) Market will display a robust growth in the forthcoming years due to rising applications and scope across the globe. Google Scholar | Crossref As part of the recent reforms to NSW mining policy, the NSW Government has now released the much anticipated draft Guidelines for the economic assessment of mining and coal seam gas proposals to clarify what proponents need to address in their economic assessments to be submitted as part of an The micropore provides the most space for gas adsorption in the coal seam. Conservative estimates suggest coal seam gas wells could draw 300 gigalitres of water from the ground each year from the some 40,000 coal seam gas wells estimated for Australia. Coal seam gas development can have economic impacts across multiple scales ranging from state and regional to town and local business levels. Many experts recognise the important role that natural gas has to play as a transition fuel before the Coal seam gas reserves are likely to make a major contribution to future energy needs. While they are good for us in many ways, they are bad for the environment, and as a result, coal seam gas is not perfect in terms of not having any pollutants as major byproducts. 7 Aug 2019 Coal seam gas accounts for 27% of Australian gas reserves; is set to interests due to its natural abundance and environmental benefits in  28 Jun 2017 New research is helping to explain the economic and social impacts of the coal seam gas industry. shale gas, tight gas and coal bed methane/coal seam gas) are poorly understood due in part to the extensive area over which these emissions may occur. She also said they had decided to hold field days on their property as so many of their neighbours were asking questions about the impacts and logistics of co-existing (agriculture) with coal seam gas mining. The naturally occurring coal seam gas bonds to the surface of coal particles. GAS SUBMISSION 597 Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has started dismantling Australia's sweeping ban on coal seam gas drilling, arguing a new scheme to divert a share of government royalties to farmers will Underground coal gasification (UCG) is a gasification process used to produce gas from coal in situ by injecting air or oxygen into non-mined coal seams and extracting the product gas via surface wells. 21 Jul 2014 Coal seam gas is bad for the environment and we should all protest There are many overstated benefits and there are many over-stated risks  Coal seam gas, shale gas and tight gas are forms of unconventional natural gas. AgForce has established the coal seam gas (CSG) project through its AgForce Projects division, to offer producers access to independent information and tools   Trajectories in NSW Regions Experiencing CSG Development. REPORT Briefing Paper on Coal Seam Gas in the Latrobe Valley Prepared for Latrobe City Council . As the coal-seam gas industry gears up, a workforce of 12,000 is expected to arrive to build the 450km pipeline from the Surat Basin to Gladstone, including a work camp of 2500 on Curtis Island. Dependency on Fossil Fuels By using coal seam gas, we’re continuing to be dependent on fossil fuels. But coal seam gas, to me, seems to be a dangerous thing. A scientific collaboration between the Department of the Environment, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Geoscience Australia L Boulle and others, 'Negotiating Conduct and Compensation Agreements for Coal Seam Gas Operations: Developing the Queensland Regulatory Framework' (2014) 17 (1) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 75-100 Galilee was successful with its targeted approach for this high-graded block and was awarded the acreage for nil consideration following a competitive tender. 4 of this report. The Economic Contest Between Coal Seam Gas Mining and Agriculture on Prime Farmland: It May Be Closer than We Thought Abstract There is substantial market impetus behind the expansion of coal seam gas (CSG) in Australia, driven by buoyant international demand for liquefied natural gas. Coal Seam Gas Conduct and Compensation Agreements negotiations must be undertaken prior to the commencement of any advanced activities. A proposal for environmental management in the coal seam gas industry in Queensland, Australia - introduction of an algae plant for biofuel production and evaporation of wastewater ResearchSpace/Manakin Repository Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What is Gasification? Gasification is a commercially proven manufacturing process that converts carbonaceous materials such as coal into a synthetic gas. The main component of the primary coal seam gas is methane in a concentration of 90-95 % the gas develops during the geochemical conversion of organic substances to coal (carbonisation). Blocking or diverting gas flow in the coal bed by means of seals, and 3. In order to release the gas, the coal seams are de-pressurized by releasing large volumes of water. 2 for the Namoi subregion from the Northern Inland Catchments Bioregional Assessment . Coal is the principal fossil fuel used in power generation not only in Australia but in many other countries. Extracting CSG requires reducing the water pressure within the coal seam to allow the gas to escape and, where appropriate, high pressured hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) of the coal seam Millions of gigalitres of water are brought to the surface, removed from the coal seam in order for the gas to be extracted. Coal Seam Gas And Mining Compensation Agreements Coal Seam Gas, coal mining and other resource mining are expanding rapidly into South West and Central Queensland. Coal Seam Gas Explained CSG in summary… Coal seam gas, also commonly referred to as CSG, is natural gas. The industry has been running an advertising campaign This paper reviews the environmental problems, impacts and risks associated with the generation and disposal of produced water by the emerging coal seam gas (CSG) industry and how it may be relevant to Australia and similar physical settings. Seidle Outline of ‘ An analysis of coal seam gas production and natural resource management in Australia: Issues and ways forward’ 3 Explorers and producers of coal seam gas and other unconventional natural gases in Australia potentially benefit the Australian economy. Coal seam gas, also known as coal bed methane, is found within the natural fractures and micro-pores of coal (Williams, Stubbs, & Milligan, 2012). I’ll start by talking briefly about the government’s general approach to our natural resources, before turning to coal seam gas developments in New Zealand, its treatment under New Zealand’s petroleum regime, the potential benefits for New Zealand from coal seam gas, and some work we’ve got planned which we hope will allow the industry The recently-released Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper outlines the concerns of farmers over the impact of mining operations in agricultural areas. The recent rush into CSG exploration throughout Australia without sufficient research Quite a good overview of why CSG is being extracted, the pros and cons  Natural gas, predominantly methane [CH4], generated during coal formation and adsorbed in coal. Their collaboration with the industry, government and other stakeholders to work towards unlocking the vast coal seam gas resources in Australia should bring tremendou Although the economic benefits from coal seam gas are substantial, the social opinions and negative environmental impacts override the revenue and a solution needs to be implemented. Coal Seam Gas extraction Coal seam gas is found in cracks, pores and micropores in coal seams, where it is held in place either as free gas, or adsorbed onto coal surfaces (Figure 3). They generate the same amount of heat and CO₂ when burned in your heater or at an electricity power plant. An Australian coal seam gas industry lobby says on its website that using coal seam gas to generate electricity instead of coal can cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70 percent and help cut Australia’s new carbon bomb: uncounted coal seam gas emissions. Fracking Spreads Worldwide November 14, 2013 - Business Week - Once they start drilling and fracking, though, countries such as China, Argentina, and Russia could experience new oil and gas booms. Methane drainage is the process of removing the methane gas contained in the coal seam and surrounding strata through pipelines. Coal seam gas benefits exagerated. Natural gas occurs in various geological environments which provide the basis for classifying the gas as “conventional” (gas This gas mixture is referred to as coal mine waste gas. The water that is a by-product of the CSG production process often has difficult water chemistry, such as high silica and alkalinity. Occasionally, hydraulic fracture stimulation is required. Inclusion on this page is for information purposes only. Methane is explosive in concentrations of 5-15% volume in air and has been the cause of If coal seam gas production in Queensland falls short for any reason, for example, the long-term contracts come first, and domestic buyers may miss out. Affected Mid North Coast Councils. Much of the debate around coal seam gas production is driven by social and political factors rather than by scientific and technical issues. Ms Garison said she was just raising awareness that fracking was Coal seam gas mining represents a risk to water resources, food production and community health and well-being. Consulting, “Future NSW Gas Supply and Usage; Economic Benefits of Increased Coal. It is released by drilling into the seam and pumping out the water. conventional dry gas reservoirs. Natural cavitation begins by drilling a targeted coal seam with air, gas, or mist. Queensland began producing coal seam gas more than 20 years ago. List of Cons of Coal Seam Gas. Coal seam gas (CSG) mining is a risky, invasive form of unconventional gas mining. Coal Seam Gas Large Diameter PVC pipes best solution for medium and high pressure pipeline networks High-pressure DN450 and 600mm PVC-O water pipelines are virtually indestructible with extremely long lifetime. Cross measure drilling, below or above the working seam: This type of drilling practice is primarily focused on controlling and managing gas, which has the potential to migrate into the mine workings. Optimised engine components prolonging service, life even when using non-pipeline gases such as landfill gas. These developments have given rise to substantial conflict, including Queensland's coal seam gas industry has grown rapidly. Coal Seam Gas (CSG/CBM) is a type of natural gas that can be obtained via coal beds. Coal Seam Gas - Benefits & Disadvantages 5. Currently, petroleum licences and applications encompass 48. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed. Table 3. CMM as a Hazard. CCIQ acknowledges that this industry is in its infancy and in Queensland, commercial production has been largely confined to the Surat and Bowen basins. Coal seam gas is methane (NSW Department of Primary Industry -Minerals and Petroleum, 2011) and it is present within coal seams. This is equivalent to the entire reticulation network of Australia’s largest city. Research Online is the open access institutional repository for the University of Wollongong. Any proposed exploration for coal seam gas, for example, requires an Authority to Prospect under the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004, allowing exploratory activities and providing a basis for negotiating access and compensation with landholders, but involving no consideration of environmental impacts. [footnote 200] It further states, 'However, Australia cannot reap the benefits  The emerging coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Australia is promoted as [The] CSG industry offers substantial economic and other benefits to Australia. The way the gas is extracted is by reducing the pressure in the coal seam by removing the water. Coal Seam Gas - Benefits & Disadvantages . The underground setting provides both the feedstock source as well as pressures comparable to that in an above-ground gasifier. Dart Energy, the company that holds a licence to mine for coal seam gas in the Sydney basin, fronted a packed out meeting at Leichhardt Town Hall on August 1. What is Coal Seam Gas? Coal seam gas (CSG), like all forms of natural gas, is composed predominantly of methane (CH4), with minor amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and inert gases. 65 trillion cubic metres of unconventional Coal Seam Gas (CSG) at the end of 2014. " Compared to coal, coal seam gas is seen as a cleaner alternative, and is expected to play a major role in the transition period until lower emission renewable energy technologies become more cost effective. And They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and I certainly only have a little knowledge about coal seam gas. 4th October, 2012. Anti-CSG campaigners argue there is not enough scientific evidence the practice won’t Coal seam gas extraction and co-produced water (PDF - 294. As dewatering progresses, gas production often increases at a rate governed by how quickly gas desorbs from coal, the permeability of the cleat and the relative permeability of the gas-water system in the cleat. Coal seam gas is one of the latest forms of non-renewable energies, displaying growth in the early 1990’s in Australia. ELEANOR HALL: The Australia Institute released a report today that finds that the expansion of coal seam gas operations in the country is likely to bring only limited economic benefits but large Coal Seam Gas and Social Impact Assessment: An Anthropological Contribution to Current Debates and Practices. CBA estimates and compares, on a common basis, the total benefits and . naturalcsg. 29 Jan 2014 The CSG boom in Australia has occurred principally across southern about the real benefits and costs that resource extraction can bring. Dilution ventilation, 2. Coal seam gas Coal seam gas (CSG) is a natural gas, consisting primarily of methane, which collects in underground coal seams by bonding to the surface of coal particles. by Claire Smith, Nicole Besgrove. The rapid development of coal seam gas (CSG) in Queensland has not been of CSG development, given that financial benefits are provided to affected  4 Apr 2016 Coal seam gas companies accused of damaging sacred Aboriginal Retrieved April 2, 2016 from http://www. Assessment piece for EDP4130 Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy. With most UCG facilities, two wells are drilled on either side of an underground coal seam. The exploration for this rich source of energy requires proponent firms to negotiate access and compensation with landholders under the relevant state policies and regulations. 19 Aug 2013 The mere mention of coal seam gas in many parts of the country causes and the numerous advantages it is bringing to Australia," Fisher said. 18 Mar 2014 The claim that CSG will help Australia respond to climate change was rated as one of the top four benefits of CSG by the August survey  8 Apr 2019 Coal seam gas has been part of Australia's energy mix since it was first However, the actual greenhouse benefits relative to coal or oil  7 May 2012 The coal seam gas (csg) industry is booming in Australia. Coal seam gas (CSG), also called “coal bed methane”, is recovered from coal seams, when pressure on the coal seam is reduced, usually by removal of water from the seam. We apply a rapid qualitative approach for source assessment at the scale of a large gas field. 20 Aug 2011 More than 80 per cent of our known reserves are CSG, and the CSIRO estimates of the impact of CSG, and it demonstrates the benefits the industry can bring. A Parametric Study on the Benefits of gas. This factsheet outlines reasons for using natural gas as an energy source, some of the potential impacts of CSG developments and challenges associated with predicting these impacts. Eventually, the rate and amount of gas desorption decreases as the coal seam is depleted of its gas, and production declines. Coal seam gas offers considerable economic benefits (Australian Petroleum Production and But coal seam gas, just like conventional gas, can be used to power water and space heating for industrial, commercial and domestic users, as well as in gas turbines to generate electricity. 3. Finally, given the uncertainty in the stability of future coal markets and declining natural gas sale prices, companies may be reluctant to invest in coalbed methane recovery. In February 2013, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, Professor Mary O’Kane, was requested to conduct a comprehensive review of coal seam gas activities, focussing on the human health and environmental impacts. There are stories of stomach problems and many residents affected by the coal seam gas industry are now wondering if their water supplies are safe to drink and bathe in. benefits of coal seam gas

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